Thursday, May 20, 2010

Future of Education

Have you heard of Clayton Christensen?

He came to our school to multiple presentations to various audiences. Christensen's vast background of study and experienced allowed him to connect with a large variety of us students. My name was recommended by a member of the education faculty to attend a luncheon preceeding the main forum with Christensen, his wife, President and Sister Clark, and other faculty and education majors. Christensen suggested with evidence there will be a shift in education over the next twenty years.

Apparently, computers will play the main role in teaching our kids and students. As a future educator, I was disconcerted by this claim. I asked Christensen "For those of us who are entering the traditional teacher work force, what do you suggest we do to prepare for such a shift?"
Surprisingly, his answer was, while not completly comforting considering computers, a reminder of why I want to be a teacher.

He told of a fifth grade teacher who found an illiterate girl in her class. This young gir, like so many others, was passed in each grade because teachers just didn't know what to do for her.

Nothing in the classroom was working for this fifth grade teacher either. One day, the young girl was out on the playground, and the teacher noticed how graceful the student walked so she called the girl over.
"I was noticing how graceful you are. Are you a dancer?"
The girl's face lit up and said, "Yes! I dance everyday and I love it! I do ballet on Tuesday and Thursday and Modern Dance on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."

This inspired teacher asked the student if she would be willing to coreograph the alphabet and perform it in class the next day.

The student was ecstatic and did it!

Next, the teacher asked her if she would coreograph her name. Again, the girl was successful.

Within 6 months, the student was able to learn to read in the classroom.

Each student learns uniquely. I am so excited to get to know my students and learn to love them and help them.


Thursday, February 11, 2010


The memories just keep on coming. We got our first flat tire as a married couple. It really was not that exciting but since I have never actually changed my own flat tire, it was nice to have some manly assistance. I meant to take a picture with my phone. Dang it.

We got our new callings in the 13th ward (I think that is what ward we are in). We are ward missionaries. Yay! A friendly couple who teaches the Sunbeam class asked us to substitute for them on Sunday.

Other than that, nothing exciting has really happened (besides just the excitement that I can to be with my best friend everyday!). We go to school and go to work...that's basically what we do. Our time is full of homework and other treaba we must finish. Fun stuff.

Friday, January 22, 2010


James and I are married! I am so glad that this marriage is forever because I never want to do that again. The day was perfect. The weather was warm and the sun was shining. The sealing was the most beautiful thing I have ever participated in. I love this man.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Oye! Planning for a wedding is tough stuff. There is an endless amount of items, events, and things to think about:

Cake, food, drinks, utensils, dishware, dress, veil, shoes, bridesmaids, groomsmen, gifts, reservations......

I don't need to list everything. It's just a lot. However, THIS IS SO EXCITING! I am planning my wedding!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Preparing for Marriage and Companionship Inventory

Have you ever done something that new? Preparing for marriage is definetly new for me.
It is exciting!

James Valentine and Elizabeth Lovell are two very different people. Now we are preparing to combine these seperate worlds into a united family.
There are bumps in the road. However, we are commited to work as a team. Right now, our greatest assest is "Companionship Inventory." It is in the Preach My Gospel manual I used on my mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Let me explain.

Companionship Inventory is a weekly meeting between missionary companionships. It is a discussion initiated by the following cues:

1. "Share with your companion appropriate goals and ask his/her help in accomplishing them."
2. "Discuss the strength of your relationship with your companion."
3. "Discuss any challenges that may be keeping your companionship from working in unity or from being obedient."
4. "Resolve conflicts"
5. "Share with your companion what you think his/her strengths are."
6. "Ask your companion for ways in which you can improve."

Adapting to lives together is never easy. I was not always excited for new companions, and I know I am not the easiest person to live with you. This inventory is the glue! It creates a safe atmosphere and a trust between companions. I became converted to the importance of communication in my future relationships.

Luckily, James was willing to give it a try. We started having companionship inventory every week last semester. It was akward the first time (since we were prospective eternal companions--not missionary companions), but now James reminds me on Sunday to reserve time for our inventory.

Not only do we LOVE our Sunday discussion, but it really does make a difference throughout the entire week. We feel comfortable assisting each other and complimenting each other. Plus, it is nice to hear some compliments ;) just like it is fun to give them. Suprisingly, we never run out of compliments!

I am far from being an expert, but I think we are off to a good start!

Click the link:

Sunday, December 6, 2009

When your heart breaks

Life is full of accomplishments, tears, love, and heartache. That's life. Our natural tendency is to relish in our own success but blame others for our difficulties.

"I did amazing on my test today!"

"Mrs. Smith made the test too hard!"

I think we do this for two reasons. First, so we do not need to take responsibility for our own downfalls, and second, because we feel alone dealing with our battles and do not know where to turn.

This morning, I shed some of life's tears. I was hurt by someone close to me. James, in his wisdom, recommended praying, and he reminded me that the atonement of Christ is not only for repentance but also for comfort and understanding.
The burden I was feeling upon my shoulders was suddenly lighter. Christ undertstands. Christ loves. Christ helps. What a blessing it is to know that I have someone to turn to, who can relate to whatever trial I am faced with! Not only is it a blessing to know I can ALWAYS have help, but I also know that the obstacles in my life can teach me eternal principles if I chose to learn from them.

I hope that when my heart breaks in the future, cause life happens, I will remember that I can turn to my Savior.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Grateful Heat is a Happy Heart

Today in sacrament meeting, I was reminded about the game Pollyanna plays. On Sundays, the speaker, Brittney, and her sisters walk outside and play the grateful game. I felt like doing a similar activity in an E-mail to James. That E-mail consisted of the following list:

I am grateful for you.
I am grateful for your service toward me.
I am grateful for your dedication to our relationship.
I am grateful for your dedication to our future.
I am grateful for your success at work.
I am grateful for your testimony.
I am grateful for your service in the temple.
I am grateful for your patience with me.
I am grateful for your love and care.
I am grateful for your help with our wedding.
I am grateful for your listening ear.
I am grateful for your excitement for life.
I am grateful for your optimism.
I am grateful for your creativity.
I am grateful for your mission.
I am grateful for your fall out with ex-girlfriends.
I am grateful for your family.
I am grateful for my family.
I am grateful for my parents.
I am grateful for the principles of the gospel my family has taught me.
I am grateful for not having debt.
I am grateful for our small food storage.
I am grateful for my paycheck tomorrow.
I am grateful for TA experience.
I am grateful for Sister Hayes coming tomorrow.
I am grateful for my heating pads.
I am grateful for Dean (the car).
I am grateful for every hour I got to spend in church today.
I am grateful for every time I made time to go to the temple.
I am grateful for a new chance to get a good grade on a calculus test.
I am grateful for "crtl"+"v"
I am grateful for our companionship inventories.
I am grateful for dry ground (no snow yet).
I am grateful for clean movies and books (not Orson Scott Card's).
I am grateful for your example taking notes.
I am grateful for Mondays.
I am grateful for Tuesdays and devotionals.
I am grateful for Wednesdays and only having one class.
I am grateful for Thursdays and having a bigger break before Calculus.
I am grateful for Fridays and the start of a weekend.
I am grateful for Saturdays when I am productive.
I am grateful for Sundays and the spirit at church.
I am grateful for days you have off.
I am grateful for the excel sheet you E-mailed me.
I am grateful for shoes.
I am grateful for socks.
I am grateful for comfy missionary shoes from Sketchers.
I am grateful for the Plan of Salvation.
I am grateful for the sealing of families in the temple.
I am grateful for my family's sealing.
I am grateful for the Book of Mormon.
I am grateful for 2 Nephi 4.
I am grateful for the Prophet, Thomas S. Monson.
I am grateful for my violin.
I am grateful for music.
I am grateful for most hymns.
I am grateful for friends.
I am grateful for acquaintances.
I am grateful for smiles.
I am grateful for discounts and sales.
I am grateful for planners.
I am grateful for four-colored pens.
I am grateful for the idea I just had to post this on my blog.
I am grateful for light switches.
I am grateful for lotion.
I am grateful for gum.
I am grateful for mints.
I am grateful for food.
I am grateful for the sacrament.
I am grateful for my understanding of the gospel.
I am grateful for bed time.

Anyone else want to play?