Thursday, May 20, 2010

Future of Education

Have you heard of Clayton Christensen?

He came to our school to multiple presentations to various audiences. Christensen's vast background of study and experienced allowed him to connect with a large variety of us students. My name was recommended by a member of the education faculty to attend a luncheon preceeding the main forum with Christensen, his wife, President and Sister Clark, and other faculty and education majors. Christensen suggested with evidence there will be a shift in education over the next twenty years.

Apparently, computers will play the main role in teaching our kids and students. As a future educator, I was disconcerted by this claim. I asked Christensen "For those of us who are entering the traditional teacher work force, what do you suggest we do to prepare for such a shift?"
Surprisingly, his answer was, while not completly comforting considering computers, a reminder of why I want to be a teacher.

He told of a fifth grade teacher who found an illiterate girl in her class. This young gir, like so many others, was passed in each grade because teachers just didn't know what to do for her.

Nothing in the classroom was working for this fifth grade teacher either. One day, the young girl was out on the playground, and the teacher noticed how graceful the student walked so she called the girl over.
"I was noticing how graceful you are. Are you a dancer?"
The girl's face lit up and said, "Yes! I dance everyday and I love it! I do ballet on Tuesday and Thursday and Modern Dance on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."

This inspired teacher asked the student if she would be willing to coreograph the alphabet and perform it in class the next day.

The student was ecstatic and did it!

Next, the teacher asked her if she would coreograph her name. Again, the girl was successful.

Within 6 months, the student was able to learn to read in the classroom.

Each student learns uniquely. I am so excited to get to know my students and learn to love them and help them.


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